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Yakie Ayalon



A Glance at my work


I am an Israeli Film Director. I was raised in Nigeria, and return to Africa frequently for various projects. This experience has served as a formative one for me and I still consider Nigeria as my second home. I have a vast experience working in Africa and over 10 years of Directing, Producing, Coordinating and Managing Educational projects, Films and Business Activities. I am currently based in Jerusalem.

Social values and human issues have a significant part in my Films and work. I try to ask questions that touch upon the moral dilemmas of human nature and hope that whoever sees my work will be able to identify with the "other" that he generally does not encounter in his daily life. It is specifically important at this time, when racism and hatred have become a part of our society.

I studied at the Bezalel Academy of Arts in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and received a B.Des Degree in Visual Communications majoring in the Broadcast Division. I did my Master’s Degree in the Film and Television Department at the Tel Aviv University and graduated with an excellence diploma.

I directed Award Wining Documentaries, Shorts and Fiction films. My films were screened at prestigious Film Festivals around the world, and broadcast on Israeli and international television. I participated as a Jury Member at various film festivals  and run Workshops &  Film seminars in Schools and Universities.

Haarazim St. Num. 9 /  P.O BOX 890
Mevarerest Zion 90810, ISRAEL

Phone: +972 (0) 545 665502 

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Bezchot Video Commercial

Directed by Yakie Ayalon  /  Filmed by Daniel Bar /  Produced by Yana Kluvak  /  Post Production & Animation by METROPLIS

Jirah/Borderlines (Trailer)

Directed & Produced by Yakie Ayalon & Yusef Abu Madegam / Edied by Lev Goltser / Cinematography by Elad Asulin & Raed El Makawi / Sound Design by Yuri Prymenko (Sonusure Production Studio) / Original Music by Erez Yarden

Studio Varouj

Directed by Yakie Ayalon / Filmed by Ran Mendelson / Edited by Elad Asulin / Musical Score by Uri Scherter / Sound Design by Yuval BarelProduced in association with Tel Aviv University Film & TV Department - BREAD , WORK / Channel 8 / Gesher Fund / Rabinovich Fund

Morning (Trailer)

Directed by Yakie Ayalon / Script by Yakie Ayalon & Adi Keissar /  Cast: Dror Keren, Tamar Alkan, Yaron Motolla / Cinematography by Yair Halper /  Edit by Nitsan Saar / Executive Producer  Anat Shitrit /  Sound Design by Yuri Prymenko / Original Music by 2/LAST/OCT / Animation by Metroplis / Online Editor - Shay Nir /  Assistant Director - Zohar Oryah

The Film was produced with the support of Snunit Fund 2011

DRC Children

Directed & Produced by Yakie Ayalon / Edited Mat Heywood

Daud's Protest

Directed by Yakie Ayalon / Filmed by Elad Asulin & Mat Heywood / Edited by Mat Heywood / Translation by Yousef Asfor & Yousef Abo Madegam

Light Up Nigeria

Directed by Yakie Ayalon / Produced by V&V Nigeria / Narrated by Mat Heywood / After Effects by Evgeny Hanucov / Graphic & Titles by METROPOLIS / Filmed By Mat Heywood & Yakie Ayalon / Sound Design by Sonucure Sound Production - Yuri Prymenko

New Book Release

Directed by Yakie Ayalon / Filmed by Ran Mendelson & Mat Heywood / Edited by Yakie Ayalon

illumigyn Advertisement (Africa)

Produced & Directed by Yakie Ayalon Animated by Metropolis

Good News (Several Scenes)

Directed by Yakie Ayalon / Filmed & Edited by Elad Asulin 

2/LAST/OCT (Music Video Clip)

Directed & Produced by Yakie Ayalon & Gabriel Ayash / Filmed by Elad Asulin / Post Production - Gabriel Ayash / Edited by Yakie Ayalon